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The Endtime Show

Endtime Ministries is committed to preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to every person on earth because the Endtime is now!

In The Endtime Show, Rev. Dave Robbins focuses on explaining world events from a biblical perspective. This ministry’s purpose is to prove that we are now at the end of the era of human government and very near the beginning of the prophesied Kingdom of God.

Dave Robbins

Dave Robbins


It all began in early June 2004 when...

Name:  Dave Robbins

It all began in early June 2004 when Irvin Baxter walked across his driveway and said, “Dave, I feel like it’s the Lord’s will that you come to work at Endtime.” I knew at that stage of my life it was my preverbal fork in the road, and I quit my job that afternoon.

Boy, was I ever a fish out of water? Having worked construction for almost 20 years, I didn’t have a clue where to begin. The funny thing is, Irvin Baxter couldn’t answer that question either. However, we both knew it was God’s will and so I bounced all over the place trying to find my “spot”.

While we were still in Indiana, I started doing some marketing, purchasing and then moved to shipping. Once we decided to move to Texas, I remodeled our first office building. After that I helped manage the business side of the ministry. Two years later, I built-out our present office space and television studio and then continued in management.

The problem is, I still never felt I was fulfilling God’s true purpose for calling me to the ministry, but everything changed when we went on television in 2010.

The first night our program aired, many of our staff joined at the office to help take phone calls. I took a call from a man that was both a professor at a college and an atheist. Well, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I couldn’t even explain what I believed about God and the Bible, let alone prophecy.

I truly believe God had me take that call, because it put a desire in me to study the Bible. I made up in my mind, with the Lord’s help, I would never experience a conversation like that again.

Over the next couple of years, I studied and researched, but I still felt like my walk with God was stagnant. I asked the Lord to help me draw closer to Him and He told me to start an Endtime Prophecy Bible Study.

After discussing it with Irvin Baxter, we came up with an outreach program called the Soul-Winning Cycle. It is specifically designed to use Endtime materials to teach people about prophecy, win people to the Lord, and retain them and to establish their walk with Jesus Christ.

I started my first Endtime Bible study on November 8, 2012. At the end of the initial 18-week cycle, we baptized 23 people in Jesus’ name and most of them received the Holy Ghost!

Since then we have never stopped the Bible studies and have saved hundreds of people since. Yes…I have found my niche!

As a result of God’s miraculous transformation of my life and Irvin Baxter’s continued direction, among other things, I am now the editor of Endtime magazine, host the End of the Age radio and television programs and teach Endtime Prophecy Conferences across the nation.

I truly give Jesus the glory for every success that we have had. Without Him, none of this would have been possible!

Irvine Baxter

Irvine Baxter


Dr. Irvin Baxter is the founder and president of...
Name:  Frank Amedia
Dr. Irvin Baxter is the founder and president of Endtime Ministries. He is a television and radio talk-show host, author, publisher, and international prophecy teacher. Irvin felt God call him to start traveling as an evangelist at the age of 19. He began pastoring when he was 26, and continued for 34 years until he made the decision to devote all of his time to Endtime Ministries. Irvin authored A Message for the President in 1986. In the book, he identified for the first time the United States, Great Britain, Russia, and other modern nations in the Bible. He also stated that the Berlin Wall would be torn down; East and West Germany would be reunited; and that these events would be the catalyst that would propel the world into the New World Order. The Wall did come down in 1989, and we have continually heard about the New World Order ever since. Baxter has appeared on HBO, Discovery Channel and CNN, and has been interviewed by Cloud Ten Pictures, The Washington Post, The History Channel and Associated Press.

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