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Prayer & Share Ministries with Prophet Rogers DeCuir

Prophet Rogers DeCuir has been a spiritual father to many across this nation because of his insight, wisdom and discernment. He has a reputation for perseverance, consistency, and love while remaining faithful to his calling and to the needs of his church and community.

Currently DeCuir reaches thousands by way of radio and television. When asked by young ministers what has helped him to endure, he simply replies “prayer, fasting, holy living, total commitment to God and to the assignment that he has been given.”

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Prophet Rogers G. DeCuir

Prophet Rogers G. DeCuir


Prophet Rogers G. DeCuir has been preaching the...
Founder: Holy Deliverance Pentecostal Church

Prophet Rogers G. DeCuir has been preaching the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for over 71 years. He was the Pastor of Holy Deliverance Pentecostal Church in Pasadena, California where he had pastored for over 47 years. He has turned his church over to his daughter Pastor Grace DeCuir-Davidson and is now the Overseer. Prophet DeCuir is known for Prayer and Fasting. Each year he has led the people of God in periods of Prayer and Fasting. Not only does the church he now oversees but other ministries and leaders join in the fast. Prophet DeCuir’s ministry is known for the anointing resting upon the services.

Out of his church many sons and daughters were called into ministry. Today many of them are pastors, teachers, prophets, bishops and apostles. While sitting under the ministry of the Prophet, they have received an impartation or a portion of the anointing that is upon the Prophet. Not only has Prophet DeCuir touched the lives of ministers that have sat under his ministry but he has also touched men and women of God across America. He is also a national evangelist that travels throughout America preaching the Gospel Message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many preachers say when you need a “Sure Word” find Prophet Rogers DeCuir. God has given him a message that brings restoration, deliverance and recovery to those who are hurting. Many Pastors call him the Prophet of Change.

For the last 49 years Prophet DeCuir has preached on Radio and Television in many major cities in America. Thousands are blessed by his Prophetic and Deliverance Ministry each week. Because of his commitment to souls and the sacrifices he has made, lives have been changed and thousands have been saved and set free. Prophet DeCuir is planning to open the World Prayer Center where prayer will go on 24 hours a day. There will also be a resort where one can have quiet time, be restored and connected to their destiny.

Down through the years Prophet DeCuir has survived many storms, demonic attacks and personal conflicts. As we look at his life, we have to say surely he is “A Man Sent From God.” When asked what is the greatest thing that has ever happened in his ministry he replies, “souls coming to the altar.”

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